Poratble Farmimg System Poratble Farmimg System

Portable System

Containers are UV-protected, leak-proof and foldable. The frame has a CKD design that can be easily assembled and dissembled.

High Plant Density High Plant Density

High Plant Density

Optimal RowXRow and PlantXPlant distance ensures good growth of veg plants in a limited space.

Unique Organic Medium Unique Organic Medium

Unique Organic Medium

Consists of a substrate that ensures porosity, nuetral pH and optimal moisture in the root zone.

Sub-surface Drainage System Sub-surface Drainage System

Sub-surface Drainage System

Ensures the drainage of every single drop of extra water from the system.

Inline Irrigation System Inline Irrigation System

Inline Irrigation System

Has in-built filters to ensure that the drip lines dont get clogged for a long time and also has inline drippers that do not get chocked easily because of scaling.


Organic Sprays Organic Sprays

Organic Sprays

For prophylactic and symptomatic management of a wide variety of pests and for accelerating reproductive growth leading to increased flowering and fruiting.

Lures and Traps Lures and Traps

Lures and Traps

Yellow sticky trap for trapping small flying insects and Pheromone trap for trapping fruit fly.

Biofertilizers Biofertilizers


For giving nutrients to a growing plant and for recharging the nutrient profile after a crop harvest.


Online Support Online Support


We offer 24X7 real-time support to our clients by creating a whatsapp group consisting of the client, a dedicated agri-expert (who also visits the site of the client), a crop scientist and the CEO himself.

Onsite Support Onsite Support


Besides offering expert technical advice through whatsapp,our agri-experts travel across the country to offer on-site support to our clients, at a mutually agreed upon frequency.

Mobile App Mobile App


We use mobile apps for generating on-site visit reports so that our customer has a detailed record of each visit.

Videos, Charts & Diagrams Videos, Charts & Diagrams


We have created a library of instructional videos (showing various inter-culture practices), charts (sowing/harvesting calendar of all seasonal veg) and diagrams (showing PLANT X PLANT and ROW X ROW distance between plants).



Choice of Plants Choice of Plants

Choice of plants

Plants are chosen on the basis of ambient temperature, humidity and incidence of light

Unique Green Wall Medium Unique Green Wall Medium

Unique Green Wall Medium

Besides offering slow-release nutrient to the plants, the green wall medium also prevents water-logging in the panels.

Water saving Water saving

Water saving

An automatic closed-loop drip irrigation system is used in which alll the percolating water is collected in a reservoir, from where it is recyled back into the green wall

Channel Partners

Organic Buddy Organic Buddy

Organic Buddy

Earn upto Rs. 15000 per month by conducting organic gardening workshops in your neighbourhood.

City Franchisee City Franchisee

City Franchisee

Partner with us to create your own Living Greens in your city. This is an exclusive relationship.

Green Architects Green Architects

Green Architects

Educating and enabling architects/interior designers/landscapists to introduce Vertical Greenscapes in their projects.


  • Agri & Food Investment Summit

    The Living Greens has been selected as the top 5 agribusiness plans for VC CIRCLE SHOWCASE IN VC CIRCLE AGRI & FOOD INVESTMENT SUMMIT 2015, MUMBAI.

  • silicon valley challege

    LGO was selected in top 10 Action For India ( AFI) silicon valley challege.

  • Headstart Pitchcity Program

    Living Greens was selected in Top-7 Startup in HEADSTART PITCHCITY PROGRAM.

  • ET Power of Ideas

    "Living Greens has been selected amongst the 500 semi finalists in ET POWER OF IDEAS."

  • CNBC Awaz Masterpreneur

    "Living Greens is the zonal finalist of CNBC AWAAZ MASTERPRENEUR 3"

  • Royal Academy of Engineers

    "LGO wins the LEADERS IN INNOVATION FELLOWSHIP at The Royal Academy of Engineers (UK)."

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