Farm Consultancy Services

Increase your farm production | Make your farm grow organic.

Managing farm is a tedious task for every farm owner. We guide the hi-tech farm solutions like protected cultivation (poly-house/net-house). Drip irrigation, Organic farming which reduces farm operations and labour expenses. We help to develop farm information systems. We also facilitate the market linkage to farm produce.


SITE SURVEY to assess the following:

  • Total water requirement of the farm
  • Physical & Chemical status of soil
  • Crop selection
  • Potential for doing rainwater harvesting
  • Potential for farm automation
  • New ideas that could be extremely beneficial but not being used.
  • Cost-savings that are possible by implementing new ideas
  • Design and guidance of online and inline drip irrigation system & Automation.
  • Design and guidance of Poly-house and Net-house.
  • Development of Farm information system.
  • Cultivation of Seasonal organic vegetables.
  • Organic Cultivation of fruits
  • Production of organic inputs on-site
  • Documentation of farm activities for applying for Organic certification
  • Creation of a state-of-the-art supply chain of organic vegetables
  • Developing a POS (Point of Sales) network
  • Branding and packaging of vegetables
  • Accounting systems
  • Inventory management systems
  • Logistics management systems

About Us

Living Greens Organics Pvt Ltd is one of the first Urban Farming companies in India

LGO specializes in Rooftop Organic Farming, Rooftop Farming of fruits, Rooftop Organic Farming kit, Organic Kitchen Gardening

as well as in Live Green Walls, Indoor Green Walls, Outdoor Living Green Walls, Self-irrigating balcony stands, Herb stands, Leafy Stands, Organic Balcony stands, consultancy for organic farming, Medicinal Plants stand etc.

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