Rooftop Farming

Eat Fresh Organic Vegetables Right From Your Rooftop.


Rooftop Organic Farming will become more and more popular in times to come because of the following reasons:

  • Each house would not only become self-sustainable in producing its own healthy food, it could also generate CARBON CREDITS as it is a highly water-efficient and very low-energy farming system that we have created.
  • People will soon realize that 70% of the money that they pay for a kg of vegetable is the cost of transporting it and the cost of wastage on the way.
  • Farmers will stop growing vegetables as the water-table around the cities goes down.
  • Cancer in adults, neurological disorders in elders and allergies in children will take epidemic proportions.
  • By growing Fresh vegetables on the rooftop, we cover the un-utilized rooftops with a natural green cover which will significantly bring down the temperature of the building thus reducing the power consumption of the building.
  • The containers used for growing organic veg on rooftop can be used for catching the rainwater and harvesting it.


We make PORTABLE ROOFTOP ORGANIC FARMING KITS and which enable a house to do the following:

- Grow Fresh organic Vegetables with very little water,

- Reduce electricity consumption, by developing a natural green cover on your roof,

- Harvest rainwater

- Subsequently, generate CARBON CREDITS.


  • SOIL-LESS MEDIUM - We have developed our own proprietary organic soil-less medium which is 3 times lighter than soil and need never be replaced after it has been filled in the Rooftop Kit.

  • LIGHT-WEIGHT, PORTABLE, LEAK-PROOF CONTAINERS - These containers are stabilized for UV rays and hence can withstand the climatic extremities on the rooftop for at least 3 years.

  • SUB-SURFACE DRAINAGE FOR RAINWATER HARVESTING - The containers catch rainwater which can be channelised through a sub-surface drainage system that is installed at the bottom of the containers.

  • HIGHLY WATER-EFFICIENT DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM - With just 1 bucket of water, 100 plants can be irrigated!

Rooftop Farming India - The Living Greens Organics Private Limited Rooftop Farming India - The Living Greens Organics Private Limited Rooftop Farming India - The Living Greens Organics Private Limited Rooftop Farming India - The Living Greens Organics Private Limited

Rooftop Organic Farming - THE LIVING GREEN ORGANICS

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