Sapling Preparation

Enjoy growing a life.


MATERIAL REQUIRED (per sapling tray)

  • Saplings Tray…each tray will produce….plants
  • 250 gms amrit mitti
  • Seeds
  • 50% Shade-net

· 500 mL Biopesticide (enriched with neem oil and APSA 80)

  • 250 gms NPK 19:19:19

· 250 mL mix of Beuvaria Bassiana + verticilium + Metarizium + Pseudomonas

  • Hand-Sprayer (1 liter capacity)


· Enrich the media by mixing 250 gm Amrit mitti and 10 gm trichoderma by providing enough moisture so that trichoderma forms its colonies atleast one day before sowing

· Select the desired seed and fill the tray with potting mix, mark each centre of the cups atleast 2 cm deep and then place one seed in one cup gently.

  • Then cover the seed with applying extra mix

· To enhance germination cover the each tray with wet gunny bag.

· Keep the gunny bag moist on daily basis

  • On 5th or 6th day check for the germination

· On seeing the germination happening remove all the gunny bags

· According to the need keep the potting mix moist by applying water through a rose can.

  • Avoid overwatering.

· Preventive spray of local biopesticide is recommended @ 20 ml per litre and mixed with Neem oil @ 5 ml per litre twice weekly

· Apply NPK (19:19:19) by mixing 10 gm per litre of water once a week on 15 days old sapling

· Apply trichoderma by mixing 10 gm per litre of water every 3rd day through rose can

· In 30 to 35 days (4 to 5 leaf stage) saplings are ready for transplant

· After 35 days either transplant or shift the sapling in a polybag containing potting mix so that sapling gets enough space for root development

· If we see some pest or disease attack then spray mix of verticillium, beuveria bassiana and pseudomonas @ 5 ml each per litre

· Harden the 30 days old saplings by placing them directly under sunlight for a few hours daily for next 5 days

· Protect the saplings from Rains and harsh sunlight

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