Rooftop Unit Installation

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  • Portable Rooftop Containers
    • For 10ft X 6ft unit - 1 single container of 10ft X 6ft
    • For 10ft X 4ft unit – 1 single container of 10ft X 4ft
  • Green Net
    • 140 sqr ft for 10ft X 6ft unit
    • 120 sqr ft for 10ft X 4ft unit
    • 50% mesh
  • Sub-surface drainage system (as per the unit size)
  • Soil Less Medium
    • For 10ft X 6ft – 720 kgs
    • For 10ft X 4ft – 500 kgs
    • Should be dark brown in color and should have a homogenous texture
  • Amri Mitti
    • For 10ft X 6ft – 30 kgs
    • For 10ft X 4ft – 20 kgs
    • Should be moist and stored in cool dark place
  • Canopy frames (as per the unit size)
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • One-way ties (4 packets)


· Search for the slope on the roof by pouring a bottle of water on the roof and then seeing where the water is flowing.

  • Align the units as per the slope on roof.
  • Set-up the canopy frames

· Unfold the rooftop container and tie it to the bottom horizontal rods of the canopy frame using one-way ties.

· Install the sub-surface drainage system. Make sure that the M-seal on both sides of the drain-point is allowed to dry for at least 2 hours so that there is no leakage from the drain point.

  • Fill the container with Soil Less Medium.

· Sprinkle 20 kg amrit mitti in the entire unit and then mix it in the medium from top to bottom.

· Sprinkle 2 kg enrichment mix in the entire unit and then mix it in the medium from top to bottom.

· Irrigate the unit in such a way that the medium is moist from bottom to top.

· DO NOT OVER-IRRIGATE otherwise the nutrient of the soil less medium will wash away.

· Irrigate the unit everyday with just enough water to keep the medium moist.

· Transplanting of saplings or direct seed-sowing can be done after 72 hours of installation.

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