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NOT AT ALL. There is absolutely no contact between moisture of the containers and the wall on which the Living Wall containers are installed.
The LIVING WALL is a unique innovation in the field of INTERIOR DESIGNING which offers the following benefits:

AIR PURIFICATION - The plants used in our products have been carefully chosen for their air-purifying qualities. Abundance of these plants in the workplace can significantly increase the efficiency of the workforce.

FEELING OF FRESHNESS - With Live plants adorning your walls, a feeling of freshness pervades your indoor surroundings.
The Outdoor Walls provide an insulation plus beauty to the exterior of your house
- Fill water in the water-holding tank, which is the last unit of the green wall and has a motor inside it.
- Plug-in the motor wire and switch it ON.
- Run the motor for a few minutes, as instructed by our experts at the indicated frequency.
- Deep indoor (Fern, Money plant, Syngonium),
- Semi shade(Croton, Song of India, Xanadu),
- Outdoor (Bocna, asparagus),
- Outdoor creepers (Vadelia, Zebrina, potato creepers, albenda creepers, Jagmohantia, Lorantia)
No. There is no problem of rotting or foul smell. In fact, the green wall acts as an air purifying system within your house. The water-holding tank is covered with green net so that the stagnant water in the tank is not exposed for the mosquitoes to sit on and lay eggs. We also use fragrant herbal oils (Citronella, lemon Grass) as a pest-repellant.
Green walls are available in the following forms (for both indoor and outdoor installation):

Wall Hanging - 1.5ft high X 1ft wide, self-irrigating unit which can be hung directly from the wall. It is extremely light-weight and has its automatic irrigation system.

Indoor Green Wall (without frame) - consists of GI planters directly fixed on the wall.

Indoor Green Wall (with frame) - consists of a frame carrying drip system and planters. The frame shall sit 4 inches away from the wall such that it does not affect the wall.

Indoor PVC Cabinet - Consists of an iron frame carrying planters this has castor wheels. Can be moved around.
About 60-80 days. If you desire a HIGH-DENSITY wall from Day One, we will grow the plants in our nursery and then install them in a fully-grown condition.
Indoor Green Walls - Winters - Once in 5 days, Summers- daily Outdoor Green Walls - Winters - daily, Summers- twice a day
Yes- herbal and aromatic biopesticides like citronella etc. are used which are both insect repellant as well as fragrant.
GI planters - 15 yrs, MS. Frame - 15 years, Plants used are generally perennial in nature.

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