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Get answeres of common questions about Rooftop Farming / Growing Organic Vegetables at Home.

The steps are as follows
- Site Visit : by Installation team
- Interaction with family members : to know their eating habits, health patterns, preferences
- Measurements : site measurements are done
- Estimates : are provided to clients
- Installation : The day, Date and Time is as per the clients choice
ABSOLUTELY NOT.The containers are completely leak-proof.
The water requirement is as per the model:

1 unit - 10ft X 4ft - 1 bucket water everyday.
1 unit - 10ft X 6ft - 1.50 bucket water everyday.
NO, The older it gets the more fertile it becomes. But certain enrichments have to be added to it which is done via irrigation or in powder form.
Pests and diseases will come. But if our bio-pesticide is sprayed regularly, the effect of pests and diseases can be reduced significantly. Spray a diluted solution of the Bio-Pesticide @ 5mL per liter of water at least twice a week. If the insect attack is heavy, add 5 ml Neem Oil to the diluted Bio-Pesticide solution.
Any dead plant shall be replaced by the maintenance team during their weekly visits. We would also strongly recommend that the clients develop their own nursery so that the dead plants can be replaced immediately. The nursery kit will be provided by LGO in Luxury kit.
We shall offer weekly maintenance service @ Rs.1000- 1500 per month. This will include the cost of following:
- Weekly visit
- Replacement of dead plants
- Replacement/Repair of drippers, valves, motor
- Spraying of Bio-pesticides
- Guidance for harvesting and watering etc
Although it ranges from 3 to 4 but we recommend it according to the Personal Consultation Report.
The SOIL LESS MEDIUM consists of organic substances of plant and animal origin. Since this is a patent-pending product, we cannot reveal the details. But we can definitely assure you that the constituents are 100% organic.
We recommend that you use only POTABLE water.
If the monkey menace is too much, enclose your organic rooftop farm with a thin wire-net used in poultry houses for making chicken coops. It is commonly called Murgi Net.
No, This cost is included in the Rs.1000- 1500 per month maintenance cost.
The stage at which vegetables has to be picked is called its MATURITY INDEX. We shall be educating our clients, about the MATURITY INDEX, during our weekly maintenance visits.
YES, Although they require special containers, the following fruits can be grown:

- Lemon
- Pomogranate
- Sita phal
- Guava
- Mango
- Papaya
- Curry Patta (meetha neem)
Since both models have the same set of organic inputs and planting material, if sufficient water is given to the plants (using a pipe in the economy unit) there should not be any difference in yields between Fully-Automatic and Economy.
Leafy - Mint, spinach (in early summers), coriander (early summers)
Gourds - Lauki, Tinda, Torai, Chikni Torai, Karela
Other - Chawla phalli, Bhindi, Guar, Tomato, Chilly, Brinjal
Leafy - spinach, methi, coriander, spring onion, spring garlic.
Seasonal Veg - Cauliflower, cabbage, green peas, tomato, chilly, brinjal
Rooty veg - carrot, turnip, radish, beetroot, table radish
Exotic Leafy - celery, leek, parsley, red lettuce, green lettuce, purple cabbage
Exotic veg - broccoli, cherry tomato, colour capsicum

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