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Convert your rooftop into a lush green organic farm, using our Rooftop Farming Pack, which consists of the following:

Raised Bed farming (pic from preetimaam)
  • Soil is deep-ploughed and raised beds are created.
  • Each raised bed is covered with a plastic mulch sheet and 2 parallel drip lines are inserted in it.
  • Each bed is 20 feet long, 2 feet wide and 40 plants can be grown on a raised bed
Organic Biofertilizers (pic from preetimaam)
  • For offering nutrients to veg plants
  • For controlling termites, nematodes and fungi in the root zone
Organic Input Kit
  • Pic of Organic Input Kit (preetimaam)
  • For organic control of pests and diseases that would affect the veg and fruit plants.
  • Organic Foliar sprays for controlling sucking, chewing and biting pests
  • Organic Growth Promoters for enhancing the reproductive growth in plants
  • Organic root fertilizers for protecting the veg and fruit plants from fungi, nematodes and termites.
Plant Doctor Program
  • Pic of Plant Doctor Program (preetimaam)
  • Connect with our highly experienced organic expert and receive real-time guidance on daily basis for growing your veg and fruit plants
  • Besides giving recommendations on the basis of the problem-pics received from our clients, our organic experts offer pro-active suggestions using a digital library of videos, diagram and charts.