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Rooftop Farming

Rooftop farming contianers are portable and can be placed on rooftop, Lots of organic vegetables can be grown by our rooftop farming product.

You can eat Fresh Organic Vegetables daily right from your Rooftop by placing rooftop vegetable containers on your rooftop.. know more...

Living Green Walls

Living green walls are the lush green walls can be placed at anywhere such as home, office, apartments, inside, outside, hotels and gives a fresh natural environment by green walls placed vertically

Having natural surrounding around you is beautiful, It makes your mind fresh and provides you fresh air to breath.. know more...

What our clients say

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We Happily share our Rooftop Farming experiance with our family & friends, they also acknowledge it possibly. Since its a very eco friendly conecpt, being on rooftop its saves our electricity bills and kids also relish different types of vegetable plantation on the rooftop.

Miss Shikha Duggar | Malviya Nagar, JPR

The taste of home grown vegetables creates a lot of difference in the food habits of our family, specially our kids who have now started enjoying even the vegetables like bottleguard, Brinzal, Bitterguard.

I.S. Nagpal | Javahar Nagar, JPR

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About Us

Living Greens Organics Pvt Ltd is one of the first Urban Farming companies in India

LGO specializes in Rooftop Organic Farming, Rooftop Farming of fruits, Rooftop Organic Farming kit, Organic Kitchen Gardening

as well as in Live Green Walls, Indoor Green Walls, Outdoor Living Green Walls, Self-irrigating balcony stands, Herb stands, Leafy Stands, Organic Balcony stands, consultancy for organic farming, Medicinal Plants stand etc.

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