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Welcome to
The Living Greens

Living Greens is India’s first and largest Urban Organic Farming company that has created innovative products to convert un-used urban spaces (rooftops, plots, gardens, farmhouses etc) into organic food producing spaces.

Living Greens was founded in March 2013 by PrateekTiwari, with the financial support and mentorship of veteran NRI Angel investors from the Silicon Valley, like Sh. Naren Bakshi.

Started with a “mad dream” of converting rooftops into lush green organic farms, today Living Greens, led by PrateekTiwari and SiddharthAgarwal, has not only covered more than 100,000 square feet of rooftop space (spread over 15 cities) under urban organic farming but has also developed a robust business model for creating city franchisees. It has already developed city franchisees in Pune, Bhopal, Pondicherry, Jalandhar, Haridwar and Lucknow and is in the process of signing up more franchisees across the country.

Our Portable Farming System (PFS) is now being used not only by individual families to grow fresh organic vegetables on their rooftops, it is also being used by institutional clients (like schools, hospitals, hotels etc) to convert their large vacant rooftops into large lush green roof-farms. Our PFS can also be used for the rehabilitation of farmers in areas affected by floods, earthquake and salinity. They can also be used by women self-help groups (in peri-urban areas) to collectively produce and sell fresh organic vegetables. Our Organic Input Kit is a unique invention that allows an urban grower to do pest/disease/nutrient management of his veg plants all by himself, with the 24X7 online support offered by our highly experienced agri experts.

Living Greens is the only urban organic farming company in the country which has successfully grown fresh organic vegetables on rooftops in almost all the agro-climatic regions of the country. Our client base spans from Kolkata to Bikaner and from Chennai to Dehradun. Living Greens has also piloted new business models, like Micro Farming on Land, which have the potential of not only converting derelict farmhouses into fully-functional organic farms but can also generate numerous skill-development and employment opportunities for the rural youth. We also specialize in creating large outdoor and indoor green walls with plant densities higher than 6 plants per square feet and percolation rate of more than 70% in our green wall planters. The high plant density enables us to create more intricate designs with live plants and the high percolation rate ensures the healthy growth of plants and near-zero mortality of plants due to water-logging in the containers.

We can create customized green walls, not just on masonry walls but even around pillars. Our free-standing 2-way indoor green walls can be used as green partitions to slice a large hall (like in airport, mall, office etc) into smaller areas.


  • Organic Soilless Medium
    Highly porous, extremely lightweight, rich with microbial cultures and minerals
  • Leak Proof Containers
    UV-protected, 7-layer, completely leakproof, no heat-sealed joints.
  • Automatic Drip System
    Triggered by a digital timer, based on an annual water management chart
  • Sub-Surface Drainage
    Ensures 100% drainage of extra water, eliminates waterlogging, saves plants from damage due to over-watering
  • Online Support System
    Using instructional videos, charts and diagrams, online troubleshooting and rectifications
  • Organic Input Kit
    Organic foliar sprays and root applications, for pest/disease/nutrient management of veg plants
  • Onsite Support System
    Visit of our agri expert to client’s rooftop for undertaking heavy inter-culture activities, available in franchisee cities and rajasthan+NCR




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