A Chain Reaction towards an ‘Organic’ Lifestyle


Amongst all the miseries that Corona Virus did to the world, there was one good thing that happened, People started valuing their immunity and health again. The world became concerned about their eating habits that had gone for a toss amidst the busy schedules.

Now, the human civilization looks out for organic products in the inorganic markets they had been visiting all these years. The effect of Covid-19 has shifted the importance of eating fruits and vegetables from just in specific diets like vegan and keto to a part of everyday lifestyle. It is heart-warming to see the mankind experiencing a lifestyle shift for good.

The lock down imposed for restricting the spread of Covid-19, encouraged many to catch up on the forgotten passions and habits. Some were enthusiastic enough to amalgamate their passion for plants and the importance of eating healthy for the family and look out for options available to them while following the protocols of the nation-wide lock down. This is where we, Living Greens Organics Pvt. Ltd., come to action.

Under the range of products we offer, encouraging each and every household to pluck the fruit/ vegetable from the plant, wash and eat. Thus, much ensuring the immunity standards of the family (as the produce harvested is organic), following the covid-19 protocol and keeping up the passion for plants. Now, the question arises, what is that product which allows all these criteria to fulfill? The product is PORTABLE FARMING SYSTEM (PFS).

Portable Farming System (PFS)

This product is suitable to anyone who has a rooftop, patience, and the strong desire to grow own ‘organic’ food. Leak proof containers, a 7-layer model which does not have any heat sealed joints and ensures UV rays protection; Organic soil-less medium, it is highly porous, extremely lightweight and rich with microbial cultures and minerals; the automated drip system, that ensures perfect irrigation and comes handy with a digital timer, and based on an annual water management chart; lastly the organic input kit, these are a set of organic foliar sprays and root applications for pest/disease/nutrient management of veg plants. Along with all these components, comes an online team assisting you to setup your secret of immunity.

It is now time to acknowledge the importance of immunity and rejuvenate the love for gardening but with a twist this time. By not just growing beautiful flowers in the garden but also growing your food in smaller yet very efficient containers and ensuring only organic produce in your plate.

According to the current situations, people believe this to be very beneficial, as all the effort is made by the mother nature to grow the plant and all that we must do is keep patience and nurture the plant, thus, ensuring meals full of immunity. Because, when you take the small step of just planting the tree, you have already made a huge decision for the health security of your family. And that is how the lifestyle shift takes place.

So, when are you planning to become a part of this chain of change? 

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