Large Portable Farms or Small Multiple Grow Bags?


The New Normal Trend of Growing own Organic Vegetables on Rooftop!!

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Is it better to keep a single 100 rupee note or notes of rs.10 that sum up to Rs 100? Would you buy an individual shades of eye shadow every time or buy a pallet at once? Well, either situations have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But what is a better deal?

Well, buying individual items would cost more than the collective product. Secondly, the space may be a problem. And lastly, the blessing of variety is lost in the individual items. So, what if the vegetables were also grown on the criteria of collective or singles? The simple answer is, we would never be able to have enough food grown to serve a family. Therefore, here is a comparison between these individual grow bags/pots and the product offered by Living greens Organics Pvt.Ltd. i.e. The Portable Farming System, that will help and support the idea of preferences.

Vegetable Production Quantity

To serve a family, it is important that the quantity of food is appropriate. But a single grow bag/pot can hold only one plant. Whereas the Portable Farming System (PFS) can grow up to 50 plants in one sowing. This criteria of the number of plants becomes important as it determines the production quantity per CONTAINER

Shape of the Growing Container

To cook a particular dish or cuisine, a specific type of vessel plays a very important role. Similarly, the shape of the container in which the plant is growing helps determining the compaction of the growing medium at the bottom of the container. The compaction in Grow bag/pot is high in cylindrical or conical containers and hence twice a year re-potting is required. But in the product, offered by Living Greens Organics, the shape is like a large Rectangular Box in which there is zero compaction of the medium.

Depth of Growing Container

After choosing the right container for cooking a particular dish/cuisine, it is important to check that the depth of the container suits the cooking process or not. Same is the case on growing the food. The depth of the container in which the food is grown affects the quantity and frequency of irrigation, along with the leaching of nutrients to the bottom of the container. Grow Bag/ Pots are deep because of which not only more irrigation has to be done but also there is greater leaching of water-soluble nutrients to the bottom of the container. To bring these leached nutrients to the top, frequent deep hoeing is required which cannot be easily done in deep containers. On the other hand, is convenience as the depth of the PFS is just 7 inches, therefore, lesser irrigation needs to be done and the leached nutrients can easily be brought to the surface by doing deep hoeing.

Robustness of Portable Farms

Since space is a problem in the concrete jungles and Rooftop Farming is an emerging trend, the question of leakage always puts a hurdle in keeping up with this trend. Most grow bags have corners that have a heat-sealed joint. The strength of this joint reduces with the variation in temperature on the rooftop, because of which the joints start leaking very soon. Although, our PFS do not have any Heat-Sealed Joints and hence are completely Leak-Proof.

Sub-Surface Drainage of Portable Farms

If one is making so much effort, their effort should not go to waste, ensuring this, it is important to take care of the sub-surface drainage because if extra water does not drain out properly then the roots of the plants will start dying because of Root Rot Disease. Now, a Grow bags/Pots just have a hole at the bottom, which gets clogged with time. Even if it does not get clogged, most of the growing medium flows out with the drained water. Although, the Sub-Surface Drainage System offered in our Portable Farming System consists of a network of perforated pipes that we covered with a filter material. The extra water drains out without losing the growing medium.

Leak Proof Containers with Heat Sealed Joints
[Photo Credits: Living Greens Organics Pvt. Ltd.]

Metallic Frames for Skeletal Support

If the effort is being made to convert our rooftop into an Organic vegetable Farm then the Farm should look presentable as well. Therefore, a Skeletal Support to the Growing Container is important as this support protects the Growing Container from getting deformed . No frame is offered with grow bags/pots. But Living greens Organics offers MS-Frame support to the HDPE Container (Portable farms) at the bottom that acts as a Trellising Frame. This metallic frame stays Rust-Resistant for a very long time, also offering the advantage to put the green net or for trellising of creepers.

Drip Irrigation System in Portable Farms

After ensuring all the processes are being followed correctly, one last step that is necessary to keep track of, the Irrigation System for proper growth of the vegetable plants. Moreover, water being scarce, the best option for this is to install the Drip Irrigation System, ensuring that all water reaches the root zone of the plant and not wet the leaves. But No drip irrigation system is offered with grow bags/pots. But we are The Living Greens and wish to ensure zero wastage of the gifts of mother nature, therefore, our Irrigation System is solely done by Drip System that consists of inline drip lines, which do not get choked because of scaling.

To keep up the criteria of immunity by just eating healthy, a small investment and love for plants comes handy. But worth it, after all, you are keeping up with the trend of gardening and benefiting with abundance of fresh organic veggies.

Therefore, it is sometimes better to purchase the pallet or keep a Rs.100 note than individual shades or currency.

Grow Organic … Go Organic!!!

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